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Principal's News


On behalf of all the staff and the students, I would like to sincerely thank you for the way you are supporting our school’s request to not enter classrooms before school.

Not having mum and dad hanging around in the morning, is giving our students a great opportunity to develop their independence and making sure they are ready for school to start so they can gain the most from the learning activities their teachers have planned. Children also seem to be a lot more settled and happy!

Teachers, too, can now focus their attention in the morning on checking in with their students to make sure everyone in their class is well prepared for the day ahead.

I do want to assure everyone in our school community, that asking you to drop your child/children off at the classroom door, does not mean our teachers no longer value the chance to talk and interact with parents.

In reality, it is the complete opposite. Keeping lines of communication between home and school as strong as possible is what all our teachers are constantly striving to achieve and they will always make themselves available to talk with parents – they would just prefer it if this interaction happened either after school or when they are not teaching.



One of the big pluses to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic has been to raise everyone’s awareness of the need to maintain good hygiene in our daily lives.

Washing hands regularly, coughing into your elbow, applying hand sanitizer, not sharing food and/or eating utensils, cleaning high touch surfaces and social distancing have now become “the norm”.

Ensuring schools are safe places for students and staff is and will continue to be, a priority for our schools and the Education Department.

This is particularly important during the winter months as other viruses, such as colds and flu, start to take hold.

Consequently, it is important for everyone in our school, that children and staff who are not feeling well and/or are displaying cold/flu like symptoms remain at home until they have fully recovered.

Parent support with keeping children away from school when they are not feeling 100%, will continue to be very much appreciated.




As advised in our last newsletter, Dunsborough PS wants to gather information on the mental health and well-being perceptions of our parents and carers.

To do this each family in the school will be sent an email later this week with a link to a short Health & Well Being survey.

All responses will be anonymous and only the summarised results will be used by our Action Team to help enhance and improve the mental health and well-being of our students and everyone else who works at our school.

While there is no compulsion for parents to complete this survey, it would be great if we could obtain responses from as big a cross-section of parents as possible, in order to help us best plan to enhance and improve this important area of our school




Over the past 9 months, our School Board has overseen a comprehensive consultation process, involving input from school staff and parents, to develop a new 3 year Business Plan for our School.

With the contents of the plan being endorsed by the staff and the School Board earlier this year, our Board’s focus turned to finding a way to present this document in a way which would reflect well on our school and be easy for anyone who was interested, to read and understand.

Thanks to the outstanding graphic design skills of one of our parents, Gemma Henchie, that goal has now been achieved. Our 2020 -2022 School Business Plan is ready for publication and parents can view and download a copy of it from our School’s Website.

This document will be used by the School to form and guide our planning directions for the next three years.




Change is a constant in both our world and in our work environment. Our school regularly reviews its policies and procedures, to ensure they are current and are directing our operation in the best way possible.

As a result, we are currently in the process of updating a number of our School’s Policies to make them more relevant and current.

The first of these to be updated is our Use of Mobile Phones Policy.

A copy of this updated Policy is included elsewhere in this newsletter.

This policy along with many of the other key School Policies we use to guide and direct our school's operation are available for parents to view on our School’s Website.


"Together Everyone Achieves More"

Garry Jones




The dental van will be returning to Dunsborough Primary School this week and will be ready to resume seeing patients from next Monday, 22 June.

We are looking forward to seeing all our patients' smiling faces again and being a part of your wonderful school community.

We will be contacting parents/carers to arrange appointments with priority given to those who had appointments cancelled due to COVID-19. To contact the Dental Van ring 0417 269 232.


School Dental Service Team


Bright, white and sparkling...... 

Nearing completion are the middle block toilets and the Rm16/17 toilet block. Diligent contractors have created a fresh, new look, just check out the photos. These toilets should be ready for our students to start using before the end of this term.



If you have a child who was born between 01 July 2016 to 30 June 2017 (inclusive) they are eligible to enrol for our 4 year old Kindy Program in 2021. Please visit our website to download an Enrolment Pack or simply drop into our office and collect a hard copy. With your completed Kindy enrolment pack, you will also need to supply a copy of your child's birth certificate and a current, up-to-date AIR History Statement of immunisation records (this can be obtained through MyGov). We are happy to photocopy these documents for you at the school office.

Applications for Enrolment into Kindy 2021 need to be in by Friday 24 July 2020 so if you know friends, or family who have a child ready to start kindy, please remind them to enrol their child by this date.




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